5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Jhenny Andrade

Jenny Andrade – UFC Octagon Girl – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Height: 5’6 / Weight: 103 lbs 

5. She Writes

Sure, we don’t speak Portuguese, but we will learn just for her. Jhenny blogs and it is more than simply “Hi guys I’m at IHOP”.  She is fairly open with her fans and even offers up her email address for fan mail and questions. Read one of her posts here.

4. Her Ideal man is this guy

Get your hair grease ready if you want to get on Jhenny’s radar. He is a Brazilian singer named Fiuk, yes…Fiuk.

3. She’s a TV Presenter

When she isn’t causing heart attacks at UFC events, Andrade is an accomplished TV personality in Brazil. They are certainly more liberal with their content, too. Click the photo to see her YouTube channel.

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2. She’s the Perfect GF

Jhenny had an incredibly successful column called “The Perfect Girlfriend” that ran for over six years. During which she learned how to make a barbecue, maintain an electric shower, play soccer and more.

Let's dance guys 🎶🎶🎶

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1. She’s Dangerous

She may be tiny, but she is could probably kick your ass. Jhenny trains in Muay Thai and given that Machida is her favourite fighter, she’s liable to crane-kick you in the face. 

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