5 Reasons to Follow Red Dela Cruz

Red Dela Cruz – Manila, Phillipines
Height – 5’5

Whoa, whoa easy Pervatron 5000 we meant follow on social media, not in real life. While we couldn’t dig up how much Red weighs (not that it matters), our online investigators who definitely aren’t a bunch of monkeys with typewriters did find these five reasons you’ll see Red for the rest of the day.

5. She Started from the Bottom Now She’s Here

Once a local MMA ring girl, Red developed an online following (for obvious reasons) as she moved her way up and eventually impressed the UFC.

4. She’s Worldly

We’re sure it helped to attend Far Eastern University (yes it’s real!) studying Tourism.

When in Rome 🙈 #Italy #Rome #lovefortravel #travelgram

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3. She Keeps it ?

Red has been in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women a few years running and likely will be until the year 3000.

2. She’s a Trailblazer

Red is the first Filipina Octagon Girl; and after seeing her we are all thinking ‘What took so long?!’.

1. She’s a Winner!

Part of becoming the first Octagon Girl from the Phillipines meant going through the first Octagon Girl Search in Asia. Her legion of online followers certainly helped secure her place around the cage when it came to a fan-vote to determine the winner.


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Pick your chins up off the floor you apes.



Make me stay and I will! 💯✊

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