5 Ways You Can Get to Know Vanessa Hanson

Vanessa Hanson – Orange County, CA
Height – 5’8 – Weight – 115 lbs.

Vanessa is a Cali native, and likely a tough egg to crack. She comes from a mixed background of Mexican, German and Norweigan (figure that one out).

She’s no stranger to the modelling game, so you are likely going to need to impress this Octagon Girl. Study up on her, wash your greasy face and hands and for god’s sake put on something presentable before you talk to her…

5. Become a Foodie

Vanessa loves ice cream, nachos and seafood. So be prepared to try new foods and go out to eat or else you will never get yourself an Octagon Girl.

After party in my room?🐷 #ihaveissues #whatismodeling #ifailatlife

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4. Study Geography

Her modelling has taken her all over the world and now she has a taste for it. If you can’t give an idea of where to travel to next or, you had no idea Fiji was a place and not just water, swipe left.

3. Learn to Love the Outdoors

She lists nature as one of her favourite things so if you are afraid of bugs, brush and the like stop reading right now. But don’t, please don’t actually.

Missing Costa Rica already🌸🌴💔 #takemeback #lifesbetterinabikini #puravida

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2. Get in the Gym, Tubby!

Let me get this straight, she looks like this but you think you get a free pass? Get outta here. If you want a girl this hot you need to do something to take care of yourself.

An outtake of my editorial with @jaredryder for @galore 👊🏼

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1. Do Yoga

Along with “active lifestyles and crude senses of humor”, Vanessa lists yoga as one of her favourite pastimes. This may be a big leap for some of you, but assuming you’re the lucky one here, put on your Under Armor and take her to yoga damn it!

#regram from @brianbhayes swimsuit by @sonoire #lasvegas #fordmodels

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Sundays are for laying on the couch😝 outtake from my shoot with @fhmphilofficial

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Latinas do it better💃🏽 @ufc @foxsports #fightnight #twinning #ufcweekend

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Later, losers.

Sundays in sweaters with @badboi

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Find her on:
Instagram Website – Twitter
Snapchat: vanessahanson

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