Author: Dave

TKO MMA – 2017 Retrospective

With the revival of Canada’s premiere MMA organization in late 2016 — the appropriately named TKO 36: Resurrection — set the stage for a strong 2017. The Montreal-based promotion churned out 5 must-see events for Canadian MMA fans, cultivating in the crowning of 5 champions at TKO 41. With the calendar getting close to the reset button, we

Round 2: Examining the Woodley/Thompson Decider

With the second fight between Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson now officially behind us, in what can generously be described as a high-stakes clash of styles at best (and several things far worse), opinions as to who the victor should have been are divided. Two of the judges scored it in favour of Woodley, while one had

Headscratcher: GSP Returns, Faces Bisping for Title

The on-again, off-again and often speculated but never confirmed return has finally, mercifully, been announced by the glorious Bald One himself this afternoon on ESPN’s SportsCenter (not to be confused with our Canadian equivalent, SportsCentre who also dropped some big news today). Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, Canadian hero, arguable GOAT and one of our personal favourites is officially returning to

Fight Night Halifax: A Short Preview

For those unfamiliar with the perils of Canada during the winter, expect to see plenty of pictures popping up this weekend on the social media accounts from the fighters competing on the UFC’s Fight Night: Halifax. While those of us living in Ontario, the most important part of Canada, are anticipating balmy weekend ahead, those
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