Brock Lesnar Makes Dollars, but Does it Make Sense?

The rumor mill is going wild with thoughts of Brock Lesnar returning to the UFC, possibly this November. MMA fans, and wrestling fans are either really happy with the idea, or borderline sick of it.

I personally don’t like seeing an inactive fighter come back when the UFC needs a savior on their card, or when Lesnar is tired of “entertaining” people. We have not seen Brock Lesnar since he beat Mark Hunt at UFC 200, where he tested positive twice for performance-enhancing drugs. In my opinion, you have a man the size of a refrigerator, consciously taking a substance, that will magnify his already lethal athleticism.

I get that he brings numbers and views to any card he is on, every side-show does, that is what they are for. Entertainment value has a place, it shouldn’t be inside of an octagon, people can get hurt, and careers ruined.

When is the UFC going to see that real fights, fights where two guys full of blood sweat and tears, is what will ultimately sell? Bringing Brock Lesnar back, though the UFC is denying that, is a money fight; people love to watch a car accident, it’s something you can’t take your eyes off.

So my question is, if they brought him back, who would he fight? I can’t even say confidently that it won’t be for a title, with the UFC throwing interim titles around left and right, and completely disregard rankings.

Brock is far from needing anything to enhance his performance, his size alone is a freak of nature, no one will be close to matching that. Not only is Brock an amazing athlete, he was and probably won’t be the UFC Heavyweight Champion again. He had an impressive wrestling career out of high school. A natural athlete would be a term for him. Brock also played football, in Minnesota, in college as a defensive tackle, and on the practice squad of the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s a bit of a slap in the face to every fighter, working diligently day in and out to get one step closer, to that championship belt. I can’t blame Brock, he is just trying to go out there fight and make his money, I can say a big shame on you for taking PEDS, though.

Will we actually see Brock back in the UFC? Maybe, will people pay to see it, absolutely. Only time will tell, and we will keep you updated.


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