Bruckmann Martial Arts

Owned and operated by former MMA Pro Justin ‘Loaf’ Bruckmann (most known for fights against legends Georges St. Pierre & David Loiseau), Bruckmann Martial Arts is not only the original mixed martial arts gym in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, but it now serves as the region’s frontier establishment in terms of producing and hosting top talent.

With other pro fighters being produced by the club it is no wonder that passersby continue to want to show their faces at the club and get a taste of everything it has to offer.

In fact, SpinningBackFist has seen fighters first hand want to be involved with the most forefront mixed-martial arts studio in Oshawa, Durham Region or however one wishes to label the far-reaching influence of Bruckmann’s.

The instructors at the club are just as prominent: UFC veteran Antonio Carvalho, Pro Fighter/Boxing Champion Lindsay Garbatt and Muay Thai Expert Rob Reid and others make up the star-studded cast of teachers.

The man himself, Justin Bruckmann is known for more than just his professional career that pitted him against one of the greatest of all time.

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner is either known directly or indirectly by almost everyone in the not-so-immediate radius of the club, at the very least, some one knows some one who has trained there.

Bruckmann is revered for his influence, positivity and respectfulness. Furthermore, a common theme surrounding those who interact with him is that he welcomes all people from any walk of life and treats them (and speaks to them) as if they have been friends for more than a decade.

It doesn’t take much more than a trip to the website or the Facebook page to feel the love shown for ‘The Godfather’. A nickname not given for some sort of jiu-jitsu-related crime syndicate, but because of an overarching theme of inclusiveness, which is doubled down through his passion for working with children.

With classes in kick boxing, wrestling, jiu jitsu and thai boxing, Bruckmann’s covers every avenue of MMA and includes more integral kid’s classes than any gym in the area has to offer.

Bruckmann Academy of Martial Arts
875 Wilson Rd South
Oshawa, Ontario

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