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TKO MMA – 2017 Retrospective

With the revival of Canada’s premiere MMA organization in late 2016 — the appropriately named TKO 36: Resurrection — set the stage for a strong 2017. The Montreal-based promotion churned out 5 must-see events for Canadian MMA fans, cultivating in the crowning of 5 champions at TKO 41. With the calendar getting close to the reset button, we

MMA DNA 35 – TKO41: Champions Preview Special

MMA DNA 35 is hot-off-the-press with a special focusing on TKO41: Champions, where Canada’s finest MMA organization will be crowning new champions in the Featherweight, Middleweight, Lightweight, Heavyweight and Bantamweight divisions. We were lucky enough to be joined by show-opener Corinne Laframboise, middleweight title contender Strahinja Gavrilovic and one half of the Main Event Charles