Dan Henderson v Hector Lombard: Live Scoring #UFC199

It’s TIIIIIIIME! Three rounds in the UFC’s Middleweight division, Hendo v Lombard hopefully will be an over-hand right slugfest! Let’s go!

These guys defy what it is to be their age. Joe Rogan mentioned how Hendo has been competing at a high level since 1996. Ole Mikey Goldberg also said that he is the oldest active UFC fighter at 45.

Three inch advantage here for Dan, let’s see if that makes a difference. Herb Dean is in charge tonight.

Round 1

1st minute: Crowd chanting Hendo as they prod at each other, Lombard trying an overhand right early but Henderson with a leg kick.

2nd: Lombard stalking as Joe Rogan says, Hendo with a right to the top of Hector’s head. Let’s go Hendo chants now. Some cautious movements by both.

3rd: Lombard may have the slight edge so far with a octagon control. Henderson rocks him! Lands on top and now has a crucifix. Going for an Americana! Lombard manages to take side control on the over eager Hendo.

4th: Lombard looking to finish but it’s so close to ending. How is Dan still standing?!

5th: Just a minute to work. Can Henderson make it to the end of the round? Both looking tired now, a few body shots from the guard for Lombard. Heel kicks from the bottom to the kidneys and…ass by Henderson.

2nd Round

1st minute: Do either of these guys have the gas tank to go three rounds? Trademark Henderson here, still looking wobbly. Lombard throwing heavy kicks. Both start throwing bombs as soon as they get close.

2nd: Head kick attempt by Lombard. Both testing their range, looking to drop nuclear blasts. Back elbow from Henderson to finish!!!

Official Finish

A right head kick to the head by Henderson, followed by a back-elbow to the temple puts Hector Lombard to the ground. Then finishes him with perhaps a not even needed extra elbow.

Winner by KO 1:27 of Round 2, Dan “Hendo” Henderson.


Dan comments how Lombard hits hard, but he was in the trouble in the first round. “I appreciate you guys” and the crowd cheers. Very loving response from Henderson.

“He’s a tough guy but…that felt good.”

It’s not something he practiced he mentions (the elbows), but he tried for the head-kick KO and came close.

With all his kids to see it, Henderson finishes with saying it may be the last one of his career.

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