Evans v Kennedy Moved to UFC 206, Conor Sinks a Jumper & Nate Diaz Smokes

So many different, yet equally as interesting developments in the world of MMA, all in a day that is already shocking to most (or expected depending on who you speak to).

Evans vs Kennedy

We were all a little disappointed when we learned yesterday that Rashad Evans versus Tim Kennedy was dropped from this weekend’s card. Today however, we got good news in the fact that Evans/Kennedy has been moved to UFC 206 on December 10th in Toronto.

It’s said that the fight will likely be added to the pay-per-view, as Rashad is still likely a big enough draw to warrant that.

The Talented Mr. McGregor

This weekend ‘The Notorious One’ has a chance to be the first dual belt holder in UFC history. Despite what you think about the whole ordeal surrounding him not having to fight for his Featherweight Championship ever, you can’t say Conor isn’t talented.

Apparently as we see below, we can’t even say “He can’t perform in a sport he clearly doesn’t know how to play,” as he sinks a shot while for some reason wearing his fight gear.

Damn you Conor, you talented man.

Nick & Nate Rejoice

Along with all the political choices on the ballot in last night’s US election was the legalization of weed, or in some cases just making it available medically.

Among the states that legalized recreational use, California was one of them, so of course Nick & Nate Diaz wanted to rejoice:

💯 #california 🍁

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The Diaz brothers have popped for marijuana before and have been suspended, despite everyone universally agreeing that that is in no way performance enhancing or, at the very least arguable. Nick famously tested positive after his fight with Anderson Silva for which they wanted to ban him for five years.

Live and learn I guess?

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