Fallout: Ronda Rousey

The fall from grace for Ronda Rousey after her stunning loss to Amanda Nunes is right up there with Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong…even though Ronda never really did anything wrong.

Tiger had all his ho’s and afterwards he wasn’t the same dominant force he always was; he went from #1 in the world to middle of the pack and who even talks about him anymore?

Lance Armstrong was on steroids, but so were all the other cyclists and I guess the sport and media had to make an example of him for some reason? Either way he ended up on Oprah explaining himself and I guess the two wrongs of ‘everyone was on sauce so I had to be’ don’t make a right.

The point I’m trying to make is Ronda didn’t actually do anything ‘wrong’. You can say she was snobby, a bully, didn’t train how she should, ungracious…WHATEVER, but she was always clean, and never had any suspicion of surrounding her of the opposite.

My problem is with the entire situation

Her Coaching

Edmund Tarverdyan is not a good coach and everyone knows it. Amanda Nunes knows it, Chael Sonnen knows it, basically everyone seemed to know it but Ronda.

Her coaches suck, and not just for giving horrible advice but for fundamentally not knowing what they are talking about. I mean, have you seen Ronda shadow boxing? It’s that bad people, and her coaches told her she was amazing.

Even if your coaches are horribly misinformed, what have you been watching? Is there no awareness of Amanda Nunes’ skills, did we just pretend the Holly Holm ordeal didn’t happen? Questions that should be asked before training camp even starts clearly weren’t apparent in their minds.

Ronda did what she should do though, trust her coaches, and they failed her tremendously.

Media / Lack Thereof

Not doing pre-fight media was disrespectful to Amanda, not to mention the cowardice of leaving right away and not doing media afterwards either. To Nunes’ credit she didn’t seem to care, even if Joe Rogan did for her.

We get it, it was in the contract and you wanted to focus on the fight. But knowing what we know now, was it worth it? The answer is a resounding ‘no’.

Mrs. Ronda

After her loss, Rousey’s mother issued a statement that listed all of ‘Rowdy’s accomplishments, and as one can assume a mother would say, mentions how great of a person her daughter is. To which we asked our audience “Do you care what her mother has to say?”

The answer should be no. Why? Because it’s embarrassing for mom to come to your rescue and to completely refute what we know: That Ronda turned out to be a bully and a bad role model. No one wants to hear Lance Armstrong’s mom or Tiger Woods’ dad come to their defence and tell us the opposite of what is popular opinion.

I used to defend Ronda a lot more, I’m going to once more (see upcoming article), but as for now, let’s all get our rage out and let her go back to being human. She will be just fine.

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