Garbatt Looks to Impress at TKO’s Landmark Event

One trait you notice when you first meet Lindsay Garbatt, is that she doesn’t seem to run out of energy.

As a recent signee of TKO MMA – if you haven’t heard of her – Garbatt was/is already a pro fighter with a Sherdog page as well as a Wiki page; if you’ve seen the podcast you know that a Wikipedia page is high on Dave’s list of fighter relevancy.

Along with Antonio Carvalho, “Lethal” Lindsay is one of the most notable fighters coming out of the Durham/Oshawa/Southern Ontario region, representing Bruckmann MMA which is headed up by Justin Bruckmann whom has most notably fought GSP, among others (en route to a 7-3 pro record).

I was able to watch Lindsay train before sitting down to talk, and overall, two things were clear: she has the cardio you would expect from a Women’s International Boxing Champion (WIBA Featherweight Champ) and her energy/positivity is not limited to the cage or octagon.

With bright eyes, a smile and all the enthusiasm you could hope for in a fighter, Garbatt was quick to express how much her team and Bruckmann MMA have improved her ground game. Her boxing pedigree clearly equates to a solid stand-up background, but she realizes she is in a unique situation compared to many current fighters:

“Obviously a lot of girls are coming in with wrestling or jiu-jitsu first these days and catching up when it comes to stand-up, I’m sort of the opposite,” says Garbatt.

She is catching up, and she is doing so with the help of what is the best available camp in the region. Pro fighters aren’t exactly easy to come by when you are new to the MMA game, therefore it should go without saying that her trainers saw something in her when they decided to welcome her into the leading gym in the area.

“I decided this was something I want to do, and I’m not really a spring chicken anymore, so I showed up to Justin (Bruckmann)’s doorstep and the rest is history.”

In my opinion, what stood out the most was her cardio. After what seemed to be a lengthy workout, she got back into things with her training partner to capture some video but was still going at a high speed. Afterwards, she was drenched in sweat, but barely out of breath, requiring no real recovery time before talking. This, coming right after rolling around and everything I witnessed, was impressive.

The Fight

Her cardio and boxing will have to be the way she wins against Maguy Berchel at TKO36 in Montreal, November 4th. Where Garbatt is 3-1 with two TKO wins, the France-native Berchel is 5-1, with three submission victories. This tells me that not only will Berchel look to be taking it to the ground, but Garbatt will need to do some face rearranging of her opponent even if she is to win by decision, which is where her elite-level cardio comes into play.

Boxing cardio is something we don’t often see in the top women’s divisions, and those that do have it serve to last long enough to give themselves a chance at succeeding both in the short and long-term. See Joanna Jędrzejczyk or Holly Holm. Two of the best stand-up games women’s MMA have to offer, both are able to push a pace into the late rounds.

This is how I see Garbatt winning; if she doesn’t get caught with a quick submission (all of Berchel’s sub-wins have come in the first round), she should stay on the outside and use her speed/stamina to do what she does best, punch face.


Research the promotion TKO and you’re bound to find interesting tidbits about Canadian MMA that you likely didn’t know including but not limited to the following:

  • Fighter Christ Franck (unsure of that pronunciation, haha) was released by the org. for being the first fighter in modern MMA to falsify their record, claiming he won tournaments in Togo that never actually took place.
  • They’ve signed a live-event deal with UFCFightPass, which is where you can watch TKO36.
  • GSP, Sam Stout, Patrick Cote, Rich Franklin & more have fought for the promotion
  • The promotion held 46 events between ’02 and ’08 now returning for November 4th, with plans to have five more events in 2017

As mentioned, you can watch Lindsay Garbatt v Maguy Berchel, November 4th on or visit for tickets or more info.

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