Haters Gon’ Hate: Diaz V Silva

“I’m not a cheater”

were the words spoken by Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva, and normally, I would defend him. Silva has always been a precision striker with amazing jiu-jitsu, so it’s not like he has been relying on his extreme stamina or strength (although his clinch is known to be very powerful) to get by. At his age and with how much time he took off, it is hard to believe that after 18 years steroids would not help him in this fight.

Metal Gear Silva

Silva failed two out of three drug tests (Jan. 9 & 31) and passed another placed between the two. It would be one thing if The Spider tested positive for sweet mary jane like Diaz – which makes no difference, let’s be honest – but both failed test revealed he used drostanolone aka steroids. In addition, put a + sign next to the anti-anxiety medication oxazepam and temazepam, and as you will know if you’ve played Metal Gear Solid games, drugs that end in “pam” usually have something to do with muscle relaxation/anxiety.

Remember when…

It makes perfect sense that a guy his age would need some help after that much time off from a broken leg and when facing Diaz, a man who is not afraid to get hit. He probably knew he wasn’t just going to KO the Stockton alum. too quickly.


The “I didn’t do it guy”

If Silva is found to be guilty when the B samples come out, he will go down in the same books as Rafael Palmeiro, Barry Bonds and all the other athletes that cried foul only to be found out as liars later on. An initial nine-month suspension could be lengthened depending on what happens next, despite Silva standing his ground.

“I have not taken any performance-enhancing drugs,” Silva said after failing the first test. “My stance on drugs is and will always be the same. I’m an advocate for a clean sport.”

Next question…cuz it was stupid.

Sweet Metabolites

This marks the third time the sweet, young Nick Diaz has tested positive for marijuana metabolites. 2007 after beating Takenori Gomi as well as following a loss to Carlos Condit for the interim title in 2012 were the other instances.

I can’t really hate on Diaz for this; besides the fact he knows he is going to get caught is great in a sense, it also sort of stupid given how much money he can make. Then again we are talking about suspending an athlete for weed…not something that makes you stronger, faster or recover…weed, the thing that makes you hungry and find things hilarious.  Following the footsteps of the great Ricky Williams [http://youtu.be/mTA58ahuzj0] Diaz continues to not care and roll with the figurative punches. I’m not sure how any organization *Cough NFL Cough* can justify suspending people for weed, but alas, haters gon’ hate.

UPDATE: Silva went on to be suspended for a year, retroactive, then and lost his next fight to Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping.

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