It’s (sorta) Official: Cormier/Jones 2 Targeted For UFC 214

A fine piece of news broke yesterday for fight fans everywhere, as reported by Ariel Helwani over at MMA Fighting. Well, that is, unless your name is Jimi Manuwa. Daniel Cormier and the prodigal son Jon Jones are set to finally have their necessary and hyped rematch, only a mere 14-numbered UFC events ((UFC-to-reality time: roughly a year) later than originally anticipated. Sorry Jimi, we feel your pain, but this fight is… kind of a big deal.

Now, the tricky thing with this fight is that Almighty Fight Overlord Dana White has gone on the recordjust afew times to let all of us know that, hey, you guys, Uncle Dana is totally super-cereal about this. Which, uhh, I’m going to guess that I’m not alone in thinking: come on.

I don’t think it’s any secret that the UFC is a bit short on stars right now. We all know the details. Ronda lost. Conor is doing his boxing thing. GSP is back but who knows what he’s got in him. The Chosen Ones Sage and Paige have floundered. Cormier against Jones is easily one of, if not the biggest fight that the UFC can put on right now. And we’re going to believe they’re not going to headline? If you believe that, we’ll I’ve got two words for ya: Yeah, alright.

There just doesn’t seem to be a way that these two don’t end up making Dana White look a bit silly for his previous statements. But hey, I get it. Dana has to say something to make it look like he’s trying to reign in his wayward superstar. And in all fairness, Jones probably does deserve that exact punishment for his repeated screwups. However, if you weren’t aware the UFC is a business, and a pretty costly one at that. So it’s only logical that the two bitter rivals will headline, and we fans will be forced to sacrifice whatever deemed necessary to our deity of choice to ensure this fight comes to fruition.

One question remains unanswered: How will fans react after DC’s abrupt heel turn following his win over Anthony Johnson? Jones himself already gave in and embraced the dark side, so it will be interesting to see where allegiances among fans end up falling. Perhaps both men will make their way to the cage (fingers crossed) under a chorus of boo’s. Only time will tell.

UFC 214 is scheduled to go down July 29 live from Anaheim, California.

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