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On Saturday February 11th, perhaps the greatest BJJ Black Belt to ever compete in Mixed Martial Arts returns to the swamps of the UFC. Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza has fought some of the best 185lbs has to offer and stands at the highest tier of the division. The man he faces in Brooklyn, New York is animalistic in grit and intensity though decidedly less skilled than the Brazilian. To prepare for this apparent slaughter, though an upset is far from unlikely, lets take a look at some of “Jacare’s” greatest wins.

 5. Vitor Belfort

In “Jacare’s” most recent fight he faced “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort in a pivotal Middleweight contest. Before this fight Belfort showed himself to still be capable of dispatching elite competition. However, the jiu-jitsu of Souza was far too much for the ageing veteran to handle. A brutal transition from knee on belly to high mount was the end for Belfort as “Jacare’ rained down punches for a TKO win in round one.

4. Yushin Okami

In September of 2013 Souza showed of his bourgeoning striking arsenal against former title challenger Yushin Okami. Midway through round one “Jacare” showed of his speed and power catching Okami with a brutal right hand. The Alligator proved himself to be an emerging threat on the feet and a man capable of beating top 5 talent in the UFC.

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3. Chris Camozzi

In his second fight against tough Coloradan Chris Camozzi Souza showed just how good is jiu-jistu is. Camozzi, as comfortable as any on the mat was rendered catatonic by the prowess of the Brazilian. An extremely tight arm-bar early in round one ended the night for the late replacement.

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2. Yoel Romero

Typically a top five only features a fighters wins. Souza’s memorable contest with Yoel Romero resulted in a split-decision loss but it was still one of his best performances to date. Many, including myself, believe “Jacare” won this contest despite getting dropped by a spinning back fist from hell. You be the judge.

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1. Gegard Mousasi 2

Revenge had been on the mind of Souza for some 7 years following his KO loss to Gegard Mousasi via up kick. In September 2014 the Brazilian finally got his chance at retribution. “Jacare’s” grappling ability was evident throughout the fight in his consistent positional dominance. It wasn’t until the end of the third round that he saw his window. Souza was able to push Mousasi up to the cage and then snatched his neck into a picture perfect guillotine.

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