Kalsamrit: A Gym So Nice, They Made It Twice

One name we’ve kept hearing come up during our visits to Bruckmann MMA, Muay Thai Whitby, and of course at Wreck MMA is Kalsamrit. There seemed to be a lot of high praise for Kru Brendan Kalijundic, as well as the gym itself. Naturally, we were inclined to go investigate for ourselves. Before we could do that, however, we managed to get the aforementioned Kru Kalijundic on the MMA DnA podcast. Our conversation went well, so we packed up the camera and travelled over to Bowmanville to get a firsthand look at the facility.

Once we finally figured out how to get inside, what we saw was impressive. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself. The 4000-square foot gym was clean, well laid out and did I mention that it was 4000-square feet? There was a ton of room for all sorts of fun, ass-kicking related activities. And the classes offered at Kalsamrit reflect that:

  • Thai boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Kids Martial Arts
  • Ladies Kickboxing

And that’s not even all. The Kalsamrit gym was so nice, that they had to have a second, new facility opened up in Port Perry, located on the awesomely-named Easy street.

Perhaps most important for a martial arts club is the quality of the people working there. Kru Kalijundic has been a great guy every time we’ve spoken with him, and he really gives off the impression that he’s there solely to help his students find success. There’s also some familiar names on the instructors list, including Justin Bruckmann and the “Manchild” Derek Falk. Running two gyms takes a lot of people, and we also had the pleasure of talking with ClintonDylan and Erica, who were kind enough to put on a little display for us. Clinton even showed us a great promo video of Dylan running into a car door.

For more information on Kalsamrit, including a full list of classes, instructors and schedules, you can head over to their website at http://kalsamrit.com

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