Muay Thai Whitby

The first thing you notice about Muay Thai Whitby is the respect and politeness. Not to say that you wouldn’t find this at other clubs nor have we not worked with Rob Reid before, but the decorum of everyone ages six through 50 is so high, that you would think you are at a black tie fundraiser.

Kru Rob Reid shows everyone respect, it’s what allowed him to be one of the more-loved individuals in the martial arts community of the Durham Region, along with what’s allowed him to excel in an area that some find difficult to maintain a consistent operation.

SpinningBackFist has been privy to the children’s & adult muay thai classes, as well as the women’s bootcamp.

As one expects from a martial arts studio, shoes off and listen up. If you’re looking for a positive environment for your children to learn discipline, respect and self-defence, Muay Thai Whitby is one of the best.

Team work, listening skills and of course fitness are all the the forefront of the classes, teaching values that are integral to growing up in a functioning society. But don’t let all our virtuous talk overshadow the martial art itself, muay thai is no joke.

What may be the biggest difference when you go up in age range of the classes is the intensity. The hammering of the pads shows just how much output is coming from the students, it’s essentially high-intensity interval training with self defence; and everyone is very focused.

What Rob Reid has built (aside from a business) is a place people from all walks of life seem to be able to congregate toward common goals.

Take the Women’s Boot Camp for example; although many choose to participate while their kids train in the martial art, let’s assume none of the participants have or want anything to do with muay thai training. This is still the place they choose to go to reach their fitness goals. Convenience is only one part of it.

The emphasis is on the welcoming environment, pace and showcase of discipline that is flowing through the establishment.

It’s sort of a thrilling place to be as a fly on the wall, people are flowing from one room to another, coming in and out. The atmosphere can go from fun and excitement with the younger students to sweat-drenched clothes with the adult class. Kids putting on shoes at 7 p.m. to silence other than deep breaths after a long training session at 8 p.m.

For those unfamiliar, Muay Thai Whitby isn’t only a beginner’s market, it makes time for advanced students as well as offering individual, private sessions.

It’s for the aforementioned reasons and more that we have chosen to affiliate with MTW, check them out if you are looking for something new, familiar or want to increase your fitness level.

Muay Thai Whitby is located at 103a Dundas St. West, Whitby, Ont.

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