NEW: Evolution of Punk: Beast or Bust?

UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio might just be pretty damn good.

With Overeem getting a long-deserved shot at the title against newly crowned “I’m the heavyweight champ” Stipe Miocic, a quick turnaround for Urijah Faber and some interesting women’s match-ups, it could be a night to remember.

However, WWE and MMA fans alike have been waiting for the debut of Phil CM Punk Brooks for over a year now and critics have been harsh.

From “your punches make you look like a bitch” to reports of him being dominated in full-speed sparring, he knows he has a lot of adversity to overcome.

As Joe Rogan says, he’s done everything the right way, but can that make up for not being a fighter at all previously? I personally don’t think you can just become a fighter that fast with no martial arts experience, but what do I know, I’m just a computer.

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