Ronda Rousey is a Bad Role Model, It’s Time for Amanda Nunes

It’s quite a bit different from wrestling, but the chants WWE’s Samoa Joe‘s opponents get is what Ronda needs yelled at her come UFC 207…”Amanda’s gonna kill you” or maybe something Kobe Bryant might say. Don’t expect any love between Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey.

Earlier this week we were giving out nicknames, and a video of Cris ‘Cyborg’ talking about the horrible things Ronda has said about her gave us inspiration for a new nickname; move over Gray Maynard, Ronda ‘The Bully’ Rousey is going to take centre stage Dec. 30th at the T-Mobile Arena.

The reason is simple, a lot has changed from the days of Ronda’s ‘do-nothing bitch‘ speech, and her smashing of faux-feminism. Those are both great stances to take and I don’t want to take that away from her. BUT, a lot has changed since then. That was before she suffered her infamous loss to Holly Holm.

Since, we’ve seen Ronda say she wanted to die after one loss, hurl insults at Cyborg (see link above) and attempt to avoid embarrassment in advance by saying this will be one of her last fights, aka “Let me say this so if I lose, people won’t say I’m running away when I retire.” It will be 13.5 months since her last fight when she steps in to face current Bantamweight Champ Amanda Nunes, but the UFC already seems to have forgotten that Nunes is holds the belt.

If you’ve been watching the last few weeks, they’ve been running UFC 207 promos that are missing one key element, the fucking champion! We thought it was very odd while watching live, and even Joe Rogan thought so too. Check it out below.

The Internal Conflict

Here’s where we are at a crossroads; this is the fight game, for the mentally and physically tough only. So on one hand you have Ronda saying don’t be useless, and your worth is what you make it so get what you deserve.

But on the other hand, you have a woman who runs away after losing one of 12 fights/thinks her world is ending from one failure, bullies other women calling them manly-looking and an ‘it’, and is still getting the most love from her company despite a year-long layoff and not being the champ. It’s for these reasons that she is very lucky that she is not in any other sport. For if she were, she would get so much “anti bully” “anti-lgbt” comments thrown at her she would be forced to step away from the spotlight.

Why Nunes Should Win

Nunes is now the better candidate, when you look at her skills, her determination and the fact that she has lost (even losing her first pro fight) and didn’t let it destroy her ego is why when you think “who should my daughter look up to?”, between the two there is no question.

To be clear, Ronda is not required to be a role model, she can be her, her comments don’t bother me. However, if you’re going to prop some one up, I am going to criticize their faults, but at no point would I say “Ronda Rousey has a responsibility to children everywhere to act a certain way.”

Nevertheless, even fan-favourite and all around great woman Miesha Tate hopes Amanda wins, and that’s after getting her face busted by her.

“I want Amanda to win, she’s a sweetheart and I think she’s a good girl.”

Amanda’s jiu jitsu is better, she broke Miesha’s nose en route to beating her faster than Ronda did, and is simply on a tear right now leaving scorched earth wherever she goes.

In reality, Nunes is a marketable athlete; especially in today’s world. She’s a tough woman, a champion, has overcome adversity and more. She’s even a gay athlete, which shouldn’t matter one way or the other but in America that is a big deal for some reason. Frankly, if I were in her shoes I would be pulling the Diaz card on the UFC and complaining that they aren’t putting respekt on my name.

Ronda’s Chances

I don’t like Ronda’s chances here, and where Holly toppled her via kick-boxing, I think Amanda could do the same with a straight left or on the mat.

Ring rust is a real thing, we’ve seen it with Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar and others, but Ronda is still favoured by most, getting a -155 on Bodog.

Fight Odds by : Amanda Nunes +120 vs Ronda Rousey -143

Her biggest advantage is her hype; if Amanda is rattled by the bright lights and huge pressure, her legs may get wobbly and she could forget her game plan.

If Ronda loses my bet is she will never return, maybe she would fight Cyborg for a billion dollar fight down the road, but I think that is unlikely unless she wins, because Cyborg is simply, not human, and may ruin Ronda’s chances at any more Sports Illustrated shoots. But I think the embarrassment of a year off then getting smoked again will be too much for her to overcome.

I still like you Ronda, but you’ve become what you don’t like.

Prediction: Amanda Nunes by 2nd rd. TKO

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