Tito Ortiz’s Top 5 Performances

Tito Ortiz inished off his career with what looked like a simple victory over the ever-chokable Chael Sonnen. So, as our photo suggests, why have one Tito when you could have five? Here’s his top five performances.

5. Alexander Shlemenko

In his Bellator debut, Ortiz took on former Bellator Middleweight Champion Alexander Shlemenko. While Ortiz was clearly the bigger man Shlemenko’s speed and power gave him a distinctive advantage in the striking department. Despite the ferocity of the Russian, Ortiz was able to pull the smaller man down to the mat and easily secure an arm-triangle in the first round.

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4. Stephan Bonnar

In his second Bellator appearance the Californian took on Ultimate Fighter Season 1 winner Stephan Bonner. A back and forth contest resulted in one of the most grueling fights in the Former Champ’s career – aside of course from the Forrest Griffin trilogy.

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3. Ryan Bader

Ryan Bader, much like Sonnen, is an excellent wrestler with less than stellar striking. Ortiz was able to catch Bader early in the first round with a short right hand. In the ensuing scramble Ortiz quickly jumped onto an arm-in-guillotine, locked up close guard and got a well-earned tap.

2. Ken Shamrock II

In his second fight against Ken Shamrock, Ortiz displayed the vintage ground and pound we so rarely see today. After closing the distance and securing the takedown, Ortiz smashed Shamrock into the cage and dropped elbows onto his temple until referee Herb Dean had no choice but to step in.

1. Vitor Belfort

In 2001 Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort was an absolute animal. Now affectionately known as “TRT” Vitor, the Brazilian made a name for himself by demolishing his opponents in an enhanced fashion. While Ortiz may not hold victories over the most accomplished fighters his victory over “TRT” Vitor lends credence to the idea that he truly was a great mixed martial artist.

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