Top 5 Best/Worst Groin Shots Ever

We were lucky enough to have a question answered by the most famous referee of all, Big John McCarthy.

Over Twitter last week, we decided to go off the reservation and see what Big John thought about groin kicks/baggings/nut shots or what have you, as part of his #AskBJM series.

The groin shot in question, could only be found in sparkling 240p format, unfortunately. So, not only will we post that below, we also bring you some of the worst baggings we have ever witnessed in the UFC.



Try to ignore the high-pitched voices and focus on the painful looking groin shot. In a fight he was easily winning (unanimous 30-27 decision), Michael Bisping sends a smack heard round the world into ‘Sexyama”s nether regions. Here’s the video cued up for you.

Franklin/Wanderlei Silva

By now, you may have seen the GIF of poor, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin air humping in the corner, but perhaps you want to know why and how that happened. None other than the ‘Axe Murderer’ Wanderlei Silva murders Franklin’s groin.


Back in the day of the Dream fighting series, Dream 6 saw Alistair Overeem taking to it Mirko ‘Crocop’ Filipovic from the guard, upon standing up, Overeem sleekly bags Mirko into submission, ending the fight. Semper Fi.

Tuchscherer/Gonzaga & More

In our original Tweet to John McCarthy, we wagered that the worst bagging was by one of our former favourites Gabriel Gonzaga.

The fight was stopped and Chris Tuchscherer took the full five minutes to recover, obviously. They even brought out a bucket for potential vomiting. Eventually, he got up and the fight resumed, only to lose via a brutal knee from ‘Napao’ Gonzaga. Enjoy that and more in the below video.

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