Top Prospects: Ashley LéTournéau Pt. 2 #TKO37

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SBF: Is it true you’ve had more than 30 amateur fights?
Ashley: About 50 if you also count wrestling muay thai and kickboxing competitions.

Pick your jaws up off the floor because it’s true. One of the reasons I think LéTournéau
is bound to turn heads and make waves in MMA is because of her plethora of amateur fights in multiple disciplines.

If we are being honest with ourselves (and we always should be), whenever a new fighter enters the fray of MMA, they usually do so being great at one discipline, but lacking in others, like high-level cardio or jiu-jitsu for example.

Not only does Ashley have high-level kickboxing, she has wrestling experience that is so very, very vital in the beginning stages of every fighter’s career. It can often be the difference between survival and getting choked out just minutes into a fight.

Not to mention the cardio that comes with being an all-around athlete already. As we see in shows like The Ultimate Fighter or low-level promotions, it’s hard to get a grasp for the level of cardio required in pro-promotions, which is difficult to achieve when it isn’t your full-time job. It is for these reasons that I believe we are seeing her jump to Canada’s top promotion in TKO, rather than getting her first bout in ‘who gives a shit’ Manitoba. She has the look, the calm head and the skill set to build upon.

In addition to her experience and multi-faceted skill set, she has the advantage of needing to gain weight to get to 115 lbs. I think it’s better, not easier, but instead of sweating it out on fight week to make weight, for obvious reasons you’d rather not be dehydrating one’s self if it’s not necessary.

Getting Signed

LéTournéau talked about her weight-class while discussing how she got involved with TKO MMA out of Montreal.

“We connected to TKO out of my home gym in Napanee, Ont., I discussed it with my trainers and inner circle, and TKO said they would sign me if I agreed to fight at 115 pounds.”

The gym in question is Diamond Fitness, run by one of Ashley’s trainers Jay Kelly. That same gym hopes to do what no one else has done in Canada; open the first women’s MMA promotion: Diamond Fight League. Currently planning it’s first event, you can visit their page here.

LéTournéau plans on working with the crew to assist with marketing and promotion. However, if my predictions are correct, she may not have time for that.

TKO 37: Rivals

Ashley is second to fight on the card airing on RDS2 (French TSN) against  0-1 Ashley Nichols at 115 lbs. Interestingly enough, Nichols only loss comes to Canadian UFC fighter Randa Markos. Nichols is no joke; she is a World-Champion in muay thai and K1 North American Champion.

With a 14-3 BJJ record with several tournament victories, Nichols could pose many problems for the young fighter, at 30 years old she has even more experience on likely larger stages. Fighting in Asia for most of 2016, she’s been used to winning lately.

If LéTournéau intends to change that and get her first win, she needs to use her cardio and not get sucked into a much-more experienced jiu-jitsu fighter from Renzo Gracie’s in Ottawa. But, LéTournéau will likely have stamina that is more adjusted to MMA that she needs to utilize intelligently.

I see the fight going one of two ways: LéTournéau via decision or Nichols via 2nd round submission, set up by some violent kicks.

Watch TKO 37: Rivals on Fight Pass or Fight Network in Canada.

LéTournéau: @lilmissblackbelt – Nichols: @mrsthaiboxer

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