UFC 204 Free Fight: Bisping vs Rockhold

No one thought Michael Bisping really stood a chance against a man who is basically a ninja in Luke Rockhold. The then Middleweight Champion was possibly way over confident ahead of his fight with ‘The Count’, who warned him not to be.

After convincing us all he had a chance in the Embedded series, Bisping did exactly what he promised. After years of highs/lows, Bisping was finally the champion and he did it in convincing style.

Perhaps deservingly, Rockhold did not get the rematch he so immediately desired; it’s pretty obvious Michael wants to ride this wave for as long as he can, as it’s a long time coming.

Who would have thought though, that UFC 204 would be headlined by the same fight that was on the historic UFC 100 card over seven years later. Seemingly, not a lot has changed in the fight game, it’s still boxer versus wrestler. Here’s Bisping/Rockhold at UFC 199:

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