UFC 211 Plays

Demian Maia vs. Jorge Masvidal

The next challenger for the Welterweight title can very well be determined in this bout between Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal. With six consecutive wins under his record, Maia is arguably the best Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner in the sport of mixed martial arts. He’s defeated some of the division’s top guys including Carlos Condit, Matt Brown, and Gunnar Nelson while absorbing little to no damage in those contests.

Jorge Masvidal is surging with a high sense of confidence after putting a stop to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s winning streak earlier this year. Being the more athletic and better striker, Masvidal can win this fight if he can avoid the takedown attempts of Maia. The general public has shown a lot of confidence in Demian Maia after defeating Carlos Condit by submission. However many don’t realize that Carlos Condit does not have great takedown defense and had a poor mindset going into that fight as he was considering retirement. Jorge Masvidal on the other hand has shown that he is hungry for the win, and has excellent takedown defense. It’s a very tough fight to pick, but Jorge Masvidal can win this fight with his defensive wrestling and striking with range.

Chas Skelly vs. Jason Knight

This is a tight matchup between two featherweights, and a test for rising fighter Jason Knight.

Jason Knight’s fighting style is a lot of constant, forward pressure and getting into the face of his opponents. He’s not one to shy away from a scrap and is quick to take his opponents back once there’s an opening. Both fighters are excellent grapplers with similar records, but Chas Skelly will have the edge in wrestling. Knight’s takedown defense will be the questionable factor in this fight, but he has shown that he can attack from every position. Look for Jason Knight to keep the fight standing, and win with aggression and volume striking.

Gabriel Benitez vs. Enrique Barzola

Two vets from TUF Latin America will go against each other on this preliminary card.

The only path to victory for Enrique Barzola in this fight is to close the distance, and score takedowns.

In this matchup, Enrique Barzola is at a huge disadvantage in the standup game. Gabriel Benitez has decent boxing skills, a good submission game, and very powerful leg kings. In Benitez’s fight with Sam Sicilia, he showcased his boxing and devastating leg kicks while also showing that he can use his footwork to circle away from danger and bring the fight back to the center of the octagon where he can continue to win the striking exchange.

Gabriel Benitez will pick apart Barzola on the feet and for the win.

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