UFC Contract Woes & Bisping’s Next Opponent

The last thing we heard about Georges St. Pierre was that his contract was up, making him a free man.

But now things aren’t so clear. After announcing with his lawyers that his UFC contract was over, things are getting a bit muddy. Along with stating that it seems like “something out of the 1940s”, GSP’s lawyer went on to reveal exactly why he thinks that way:

“They’re basically tying him up for life. They have no rights and they own all of his licensing and all the other things. It’s unheard of in the other professional sports. And they won’t get away with it forever.”

Perhaps he’s talking about a fighter’s union, which Jose Aldo (more on him below) expressed was something Dana White asked him not to talk about. What we do know though is GSP at an event like UFC 206 in Toronto would be a dream scenario that even Daniel Cormier is hoping for:

“He looked in shape; he looked small, he looked lean. He looked ready to go. But, you know, I mean December 10th is still eight weeks away. So Georges, you have plenty of time to get this thing worked out and get on this fight card. Let’s give Toronto a show.“

Jose Aldo

One man who seems fed up with the UFC as of late is Jose Aldo. According to him, nothing has changed in his contract situation either. He was already upset that he didn’t get his shot with Conor after McGregor/Diaz II (Conor fights Alvarez at UFC 205), he came out of a recent meeting unsure of the future. “nobody knows, I don’t know.” he said through an interpreter, also claiming he’s not the type to go through rigorous legal proceedings. Aldo is a certainly being reasonable about it, not willing to count anything out as of yet, adding:

“Today was a first conversation, we might be headed down a better path, but there’s a lot of transitions happening in the UFC and I’m sure they’re going to have new ideas and priorities and methodologies. We’ll see what direction they’re going to take their business in and what that’s going to mean for me.”

Michael Bisping

It’s never a dull moment with Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping and on a recent episode of the MMA Hour he expressed who he may like to fight next. First and foremost he went with Chris Weidman:

“…if he gets past Yoel Romero, which he’s got his hands full there, but if he does, then yeah, I’ll happily fight him next. I believe he’s a good match-up for me.”.

Basing this off of their rivalry as well as the fact they both like to talk ‘ish’ about each other, Michael was quick to say how much he respects Weidman but mentioned they’ll have to settle their differences in the octagon.

What about former champ Luke Rockhold you ask? Well Bisping was quick to throw him under the bus as an opponent the fans simply don’t care about. Subsequently, he put Chris Weidman under those same bus tires shortly after praising him:

They’re probably the best two guys in the division other than me, and nobody gives a sh*t about them. Nobody gives a damn. That’s why Chris Weidman couldn’t main event a pay-per-view (when he was champion), he was always the co-main event.”

Claiming he just wants the best challengers, Bisping can be a walking contradiction in these scenarios, who will chime-in about anything in the media, no matter who his victim is. I don’t blame him though, he is one of the most entertaining fighters in the sport for the last 10 years.

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