What’s Beef? #TKO39

They are both walking, talking enigmas. Kind, friendly, polite but also wanting to bludgeon faces. Ashley LéTournéau and Katie Saull may be relatively unknown to those outside the Canadian MMA scene, but they are currently injecting some excitement into a scene that needs it, in a division that really needs it. This could be a set up to a good undercard fight at TKO 39: Ultimatum which is already stacked with mini-tournaments and a great main event.

Call it trash talking, chirping, or beef (both old and new) but these two atom weights are adding some drama to the division they both believe deserves more attention; and man are they getting it.

It all started back in November 2016 (according to LéTournéau) in a series of ‘call out’ Instagram posts on Saull’s page.

As you can see, Saull alludes to the fact that others have turned down fights with her, namely LéTournéau and Karagianis, as seemingly no one stepped up to fight her.

LéTournéau was “annoyed”, she told us, and posted the following to Facebook in response.

Fans, and even Saull herself had plenty to say, most of which was very civil. It can be summed up as Ashley saying: Where you at George?

With Katie responding: I am not impressed.

Being the budding and fair MMA “journalists” that we are, we reached out to Saull to get her side of the story:

“I’ve been interested in this matchup since I found out Ashley existed. As there are very few women my size in the country; It wasn’t a personal thing that I tried to find, as she simply had similar experience, size and was turning pro at the same time. With regards to the calling out on Instagram, I was not a happy camper at first, I started nothing…I just know it would be a fantastic fight.
I think she has to know I have better stand up…if she feels she can trade and out-box me it will never happen…I am also totally fine with shit talking believe me; just don’t make up lies that could easily be misread as the truth. I called her out in the sense that it’s only fair I get my shot at the women my size in this country; I have been training for a decade and I deserve a chance to show Canada what I’ve got.”

There may have some miscommunication (their managers appear to have the same name, haha) regarding availability and contracts, so hopefully that gets cleared up.

LéTournéau clearly didn’t want anything to stand in the way of a possible fight, showing concern of a short gap between fights for her potential opponent, but Saull assured us that wasn’t a problem.

“When i planned to stay active and compete for XFFC, by no means was that to taken as a way out of a fight eight weeks later on TKO…I had been working so hard to find fights, it was hilarious to me that was even said. The back peddling took place almost instantly when I chimed in. I have absolutely no hard feelings towards this fighter.”

While the shots have remained civil, the beef surrounding LéTournéau & Saull is a breath of fresh air in Canadian MMA as things have – dare I say – remained a little too civil and underwhelming on the mic.

TKO: 39 is June 6th, and I think this would fit nicely as one of the prelims. It would be my hope though for some hot action in the post-fight interview, and whomever wins should come prepared with something to say and some one to call out, because no one has really made a mark that way on TKO in 2017.

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