Winners and Losers: McGregor & Jones Vs. Trump & Hillary

The contrasts are great. The controversy is at an all time high. Lies and misleading information plague the media. These can all be said whether speaking on the recent US Presidential Election or the top stars of the UFC. Let’s take a look at the parallels between The Notorious One & Jon ‘Bones’ Jones against Trump v. Clinton. The comparisons are actually closer than you may have realized.

Note* This is not meant to start a war or politicize MMA, nor is SBF taking a political stance but presenting an interesting, fact-based comparison with evidence. We are Canadian, member?

Public Speaking

When we talk about these individuals the similarities certainly speak to American culture, despite Conor being from across the pond.

When it comes to press conferences and public speaking, neither will bite their tongue. Whether it’s Conor clapping back at an opponent or Trump responding to a phony politician, both are very quick on their feet and capable of speaking tremendously off the cuff.

They both speak their mind and neither Conor nor The Donald is too shy to predict their wins, even when fellow media, fighters or politicians claim otherwise. While coming across as vulgar or crass, they do so whilst still being winners. They get the job done and people are forced to respect them for their victories.


Both individuals are or were in the spotlight a heck of a lot. Let’s start by giving credit where credit is due: both have been successful in their field and by knowing their name, that is evidence enough of how far they have come.

However, both have been often criticized about having a public and private persona. Some call that fake (like Daniel Cormier) others call that entertainment, whether it’s appropriate is the question. Clinton is guilty of this, but I’m not aware of Jon Jones ever comparing himself to Lincoln in terms of honesty as an excuse, but he has been questioned about lying before. Jones was even accused by Rampage that he had spies in his camp back when they fought, but this is more common than you may think.

Their Following

You’d be a fool to say anything other than that all of the individuals have had a massive following at some point, which comes from their positions. However the numbers have really dropped off for two of the persons. McGregor Twitter + Instagram followers: 11.35 million. Jones: 3.44 mil.(McGregor 300%+)

Trump: 20 mil, Clinton: 15 mil. (Trump +33%)

At least in the social media sense, Conor and Donald are ahead of the game. Their followers are incredibly loyal and a mix between knowledgeable and loud. They seemingly don’t give up either. Proof of that is the sheer mass of angry comments on our podcast, after daring to say Conor shouldn’t have been gifted the Alvarez fight, despite his performance.

They both get big ratings and command massive crowds. We’ve seen Conor draw a huge crowd just for the weigh-ins of Fight Night Dublin while Trump was attracting 17k+ crowds where ever he went, often several in one day in the same state.


People seem to like both Jon and Hillary on the surface. They come across as professionals who are polished at what they do. But given recent events for both Jones and Clinton their credibility has seemed to be smashed into a million little pieces.

Probably better for their brand that they have both been out of the spotlight as of late, as their support has no doubt dwindled, which is obvious by the lack of desire in the MMA world for Jones, and the election results.

A lot can be said for the size of crowds they attract.

For the most part, in private both seem to be pretty reasonable people. They are clearly hard working people, not to say that the others are not, because they have to be to get to their position.

Conor has a long-term relationship (and a child on the way) and Trump has a great looking family, everyone on their inner circles say positive things about them. We can point to Conor’s mantra of visualizing success to make it happen or Trump’s political speeches.

You can also point to how long they’ve been working towards their goals, directly or indirectly. Take a look at a young Conor, then at Trump for 25+ years.


There’s no way to beat around the bush, both have been accused of committing crimes. The reason I say this is not because Trump hasn’t, it’s because this isn’t what he’s known for currently nor has he been convicted. But Jones has.

Whether we’re talking private email servers, media collusion, PEDs or what have you, these are the reasons their support has dwindled and their characters come into question.

They were both given multiple chances to come clean and didn’t, which hurt them more. Obviously, the media push they received was different due to their occupations, but even with media giants like UFC and CNN/NBC etc. behind them, they failed to succeed.

Maybe we will see them both come back into the spotlight, and I wish the best for them, but I don’t think either will ever receive the same support again.

Whether you’re a Conor fan or a Jones fan, you’re with her or you want to make America great again, one thing is for sure, the following video is the most hype political video ever made.

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